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JB30ZTY-B series Brush DC motor


JB30ZTY-B series Brush DC motor

Motor Specifications

High quality ball bearing

Hard ferrite magnet, 2- poles

Protection class IP50

Insulation class: F

Certified by CE and ROHS 



Customized voltage, winding, shaft, mounting, and lead configurations

EMI/RFI suppression circuit; Thermal protection, high temperature Class H insulation 


Motor Main Characteristics

Model JB30ZYT50B JB30ZYT60B JB30ZYT75B
Rated Voltage 24v (option for 12v up to 36vdc)
Rated Speed (rpm) 3200 3300 3500
Rated Torque (mNm) 10 15 20
No load speed (rpm) 3800 4200 4200
Weight (g) 100 160 240
Motor Length (mm) 50 60 75
Output Power (W) 3 5 7



30zyt drawing.jpg

* Specifications, dimension, shaft and lead wire can be customized.