Mono Dual Glass 60-Cell frameless Solar Panel

Item No.: MDG-60C
* Mono Crystalline Solar Panel
* Frameless design with dual glass
* Cells: 60pcs
* 0.5% annual power degradation
* 30 years life time

Mono Dual Glass 60-Cell Frameless Solar Panel

* The possibility of PID effect generation is greatly reduced by unique frameless design

* 0.5% annual power degradation 30 year linear power warranty

* Designed for high voltage systems of up to 1500 VDC, saving BOS cost

* Dual glass reduces micro-cracking, snail trails, corrosions caused by moisture, sand, salt mist, acid, alkali, etc

​​​​​​​* White encapsulation material maximizes module efficiency up to 19.48%;Transparent EVA increases light transmission, ideal for installations requiring light to pass through

​​​​​​​*  5400 Pa snow load, 2400 Pa wind load