Sun Jar


* Solar panel: 2V, 120mA 
* Battery: 600mAh Ni-MH rechargeable
* LED quantity: 2 pcs
* LED color: 1 piece in multi-color, 1 piece in single color super bright White or Blue or Green or Yellow or Red (customized color)
* Lighting mode: 2 modes,multi-color or single color
* Size: 100mm x 75mm or 120mm x 85mm (diameter x height)
* Material of Jar: Ceramic or glass

Available shape:   Leaf, Tulip, Grid, Bubble, Star, Sun flower, Heart-shaped, Sakura, Butterfly, Bird, Snowflake, Smile, Shell, Crab, Pentagram, Meteor shower, Cupid, Wind chimes, Christmas Eve, Apple, Music, Halloween, Diamond, UFO, .........

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